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1 Jun 2022

Yearbook: Week 21 - 52 Ancestors

My yearbook for 2019

 When I was at high school in the 1960s in New South Wales, Australia, there was no tradition of publishing a Year Book featuring remarks about individual students.  I doubt there is even today.

In 1963, my school - Macarthur Girls High School in Parramatta - began producing an annual magazine called Newlands, named after the original land grant on which the school had been built.  However, it was merely a collection of students' best stories and poems, school sporting teams, and the annual musical produced by teachers and students.

No way did I feature in any of the stories or activities.  Whilst mildly scholarly, I did not excel at poetry, story writing, sport, or singing.  I was not a member of the school leadership either.

So my contribution to this theme is merely my social media record for some years.  Facebook permits one to use photos to produce a printed record of a year or even specific dates within a year.  Using this feature, I commissioned a hard copy "yearbook" of my activities and shared articles in 2019.  That year, we did not undertake any major travel - we had that planned (and aborted) for 2020.  Nevertheless, I had enough shared photos and comments to fill quite a substantial book recording our activities and local and world events which occupied my attention at the time.

I don't always plan a year book, but one year - 2014 - I captured all the shared photos, posts and comments from our amazing five-month adventure in England and the USA.  That was the year we took a Cunard voyage to Southampton via Panama, hired a car for four weeks in England after spending a week in London, crossed the Atlantic to New York on the Queen Mary 11, crossed America from Boston to Seattle, took an Alaskan Cruise on Celebrity Solstice and flew back to Sydney from Vancouver.

Treasured social media memories in hard copy.

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